Our payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice.

Please note that our terms include retention of title. The Title of all goods and services supplied remains with Avon CNC Services Ltd until paid for in full.

Quotations for spare parts and service labour will be made on request prior to supply. In cases where requests are made verbally either to our service manager or service engineer to procure a part or fit a part in an urgent situation and no order nr has been provided, then a signed service report indicating that the part or service has been carried out and/or fitted will be deemed as authorization for that service.

All quotes for labour and travel are estimates unless specifically stated as fixed price.

Labour and travel are charged from the engineer’s home address to site as then time on site and return as recorded on the signed service report.
The engineer sent, and the location will be organized by the service manager and at his discretion with regards to availability/skill set/urgency. If it’s a requirement that travel time must be fixed or limited to a certain amount, this request must be made in writing within a formal PO.
Any queries regarding work carried out or disputed invoice costs MUST be submitted in writing detailing the nature of the dispute within 14 days of invoice date, or the invoice will be deemed to be accepted and payment made in full.

New parts supplied and fitted by us carry a 12 month warranty or the manufacturers warranty whichever is the greatest.
Repaired parts and service exchange parts carry a 6 month warranty or the manufacturers warranty if that differs dependent on the goods in question.